Friday, June 19, 2009

MLM Tricks That Work

Heber Warner

99% of Mlms Fail - You Could be One of the 2% That Succeed

STOP! Doing what does not work. Don't write that list of 100 friends and family, unless you want them to become your distant associates. STOP bugging every person that comes within 3 feet of you. This practice is out dated and will not work for any MLM. I have been involved in MLM's for quite some time, and I am willing to share what I have found out about them.

I am willing to share with you some of the MLM Tricks of the trade, but you have to be willing to discard all that you have been practicing and of course struggling with and start using MLM Tricks that work.

It is true that the 2% of successful MLM's, have been working on their business for around 3 years. Most MLM's report loss rates of exceeding 99%. And product usage drastically diminishing with new enrollees after only 6 months. It takes an average of 3 years to become successful in MLM. That is if you work your business on a daily basis, giving your blood, sweat, and tears to help others and make it happen.

When you hear the "3 months and I got rich" from those on stage, those people pulled their down line off an MLM that they had previously been in. ( working for about 3 years up to that point)

When MLM was started in the early 1950s it really was a great idea. Well, because everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood. When there was a barbecue, everyone from two blocks around came. There was plenty of friends to help grow your business. Everyone helping everyone.

Did you know that the average network marketer must have a 3,053 person down line to have a substantial income to even quite their day job. (Do you have 3053 friends.)

Since the first MLM came out the entire world has changed, With walllmarrts every 10 - 20 miles apart in major cities.

There is still 2% of us that make money in MLM's. (a lot of money) MLM is big business.

Did you know, there are over 53.2 million people in the USA that are in some sort of MLM. That means there is a great possibility that you, or someone you know, knows an individual, that is a part of that 2%, that are using the right MLM Tricks to be making money in MLM.

There is over 4600 MLM's in the USA alone. ( including: travel, health and wellness, Telecom, insurance, internet security, ect.)

I have learned some MLM tricks that work and have applied them to my business. I only want the truth out there, and I want you to know that what your up line is telling you has not worked for 100% of all MLM's so why will it work for you. It Isn’t Your Fault…Failure Is Learned, Just Like Success And You Can Make Money With Any MLM, If you have the right MLM Tricks to take you to the top.

If you know all the MLM Tricks you will not spend 3 years growing your MLM. And then you will be able to quite your day job. If I can teach you how to put at least 19 people a week in your business. Think about it ,if I gave you all the MLM Tricks, and you put 19 people in your MLM every week for the next month that would be no less than 26 people in your down line in 31 days. If you then, in turn taught each person in your down line the same MLM Tricks, and they did the same thing how long would it take to get the 3,053 people in your down line. Much less than the average 3 years!

Now you should know why I am in 3 MLM's, and making more than I ever dreamed of. Knowledge and Skill is the key.

The first MLM Tricks you must know to ever succeed is: NEVER lead with the opportunity, always lead with the product, or you will have people dropping out as fast as you put them in. Don't make this fatal mistake. The biggest reason most MLM's fail is because the person/s who sold you into the business, really was not concerned with your success No matter what they tell you, they were only concerned with the sale of the opportunity. They all pitch the business, but your compensation comes from consumption. You care the most about your success. I am not saying that they meant to harm you, but they were not, by any stretch, prepared to help you. Even worse, instead of having the right stuff to show you how to start making money, they try to get you all hyped up with these NEW state of the art, "selling tools". Stuff like; brochures, pre-done ads, cd's, dvd's, tapes and stuff that really doesn't work. If it did, most of you wouldn't be reading this right now.

All MLM Tricks are important, but one of the most important one's, is for you to learn to be the leader not the follower. Everyone wants to follow an expert. Stop counting on your "up line" to close the sale. You become the Leader. (know what your talking about.) Learn the proven MLM TRICKS that work for anyone that wants to make more money and improve their financial lifestyles.

Because I am so passionate about this stuff. And I only want your success. I have listed my website link below. Where you can decide for yourself if these MLM Tricks will work for you.

Hundreds of other very interested people have already checked out this information, and found it very valuable. Learn all the MLM Tricks to begin making more money in the next few months, than you would ever have by continuing to do what you already are. (listening to your up line) Using techniques that are out dated, no longer work, or not designed for your success but the success of the corporate office.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I hope you have found it valuable.( I couldn't fit everything in this one article.) If you Go ahead and click on the link below, you will find even more critical information on how you can grow your business.

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